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Connect! Engage! Empower!

Connect, Engage, Empower” is a powerful motto that emphasizes the importance of building relationships and empowering individuals to create positive change. Let’s break it down:

Connect: Building connections is the first step in creating positive change. Whether it’s building relationships with individuals, organizations, or communities, connections can help to facilitate communication and understanding, build trust, and foster collaboration.

Engage: Once connections are established, it’s important to engage youth, families and communities in meaningful ways. This can involve providing opportunities for participation, asking for feedback and input, and creating spaces for dialogue and discussion.

Empower: Empowerment is about giving youth the tools and resources they need to make positive changes in their lives and communities. This can involve providing education and training, building self-esteem and confidence, and supporting young people to take action and make a difference.

By following this motto, we can create a world where underserved youth are connected, engaged, and empowered to THRIVE and create positive change in their own lives and in the world around them.


Until we normalize suitcases not trash bags for Youth in care, the “Roll Out in Style” suitcase drive will continue. Youth transitioning from the guardianship of the State into adulting on their own should never be provided with a garbage bag. There is a State bill that was passed, that agrees. So, until it no longer a exists, we will continue to provide suitcases across Illinois. Your donation of  $50 covers the cost of a suitcase and a few basic personal care items.


Empowering our youth is a critical component of creating a more just and equitable society. We start by creating an environment of mutual respect and a safe space for them to express their truths. We collaborate with local organizations, and use experienced facilitators to create interactive engagement. Our workshops provide hands on activities, which are tailored to the specific theme of the workshop and can include art projects, team-building exercises, and role-playing activities. We also use peer mentoring as a powerful tool to promote positive self-worth and enhance decision-making skills.


For the youth in the communities we serve, the opportunity to continue an education beyond high school means a chance at independence, career options and hopefully, higher earning potential. Furthering their education is a chance many wish to take but very few can afford. Donate and help make dreams a reality. Scholarships are for students at an accredited college or trade school.