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Youth Development.

Our focus is youth from disadvantaged communities, youth for which we cannot build the future for, but who we can build for what the future will bring. It takes a village, join ours today!

We Support Youth From At-Risk Communities

An at-risk community refers to a group of people who are considered more vulnerable or susceptible to negative outcomes, such as poverty, violence, or health issues. At-risk communities can be defined in many ways, including by their socioeconomic status, age, race, ethnicity, geographic location, or other factors. Common examples of at-risk communities may include low-income neighborhoods, rural areas, communities with food deserts, high crime rates, or those with limited access to healthcare and education.

Supporting youth from at-risk communities  involves addressing the underlying causes of their vulnerability and providing targeted resources and interventions to help them overcome the challenges they face. Together we can  connect, engage and empower our youth, and help make life a little sweeter!

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Foster Children

When Youth in care, age out of foster care on their 18th birthday, these children are provided a black trash bag to pack up whatever belongings they may have. These trash bags send the wrong message to children whose biggest desire is to just be part of a loving home. Our suitcases provide dignity and help send a different message. A message that communicates that you are not alone and others care!

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Foster Children In Illinois