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We make Pink Lemonade for underserved, and under-resourced  youth.

Pink Lemons

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life a little sweeter for underserved and under-resourced youth between the ages of 12 to 26, by impacting awareness, empowerment, and education. We make Pink Lemonade!

Our Vision

That every child have access to a healthy and wholesome life where they can dream and focus on their happiness, autonomy and passions to positively impact the world.

Pink Lemons, is a 501(3)c youth advocacy organization, based in Chicago, with a passion and focus for strengthening disadvantaged and at-risk populations of youth on a journey to live healthy, whole, and independent lives.

Pink Lemons began with a suitcase drive to offer a more dignified approach to Youth-in-care aging out of the parental care (foster care) of the State.  Through our ongoing collection of suitcases, duffle bags, tote bags and backpacks, filled with a few basic personal care essentials, we replace the trash bags, in hope of sending a better message.  We also distribute backpacks filled with basic essentials for youth entering the child welfare system for the first time. 

We are committed to creating better outcomes for disadvantaged youth and communities, through our Financial Literacy Academy and our Global Enrichment Academy. Our program works to make life sweeter by opening some closed doors and  systemic financial illiteracy, and open doors that are generally closed to disadvantaged youth, especially for those living in the city in low-income communities and face far greater challenges to access and develop their skills, talents, and passions.  We are committed to building, promoting and supporting our youth to become the leaders that no one expects them to be. 

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Our Core Values

Excellence. Integrity. Transparency.  Commitment. Passion.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Our Board

Sheryl Maria White


Jennifer Allen


Courtnie Seweje


Vanette Rhodes

Program Director

Making A Change

How To Get Involved

Here at Pink Lemons, we assist Youth in care (foster care youth) and disadvantaged youth, finish the phrase “When life hands you lemons…”. We accomplish this through ongoing suitcase drives, literacy workshops, cultural outings and community outreach. We aim to make the transition to adult life a little sweeter, and help improve their socio-economic well-being.