About Us

Our commitment to violence prevention, inclusion, and dismantling racism is firm. These are critical issues that disproportionately affect marginalized communities, and addressing them is essential to creating a more just and equitable society.

Our support for youth in Chicago is grounded in compassion, strategies, and a commitment to equity and inclusion. By providing practical support and investing in the well-being and success of youth, Pink Lemons is working to make a positive impact in the lives of those who may be facing significant challenges.

Recognizing these challenges and working towards creating better opportunities and outcomes is crucial in ensuring that all young people have the chance to thrive and succeed. Together, we can create a more just society where every child has the opportunity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life a little sweeter for underserved and under-resourced youth between the ages of 18 to 24, by impacting awareness, empowerment, and education.

Our Vision

A world where EVERY child thrives.

Our Values

Excellence. Integrity. Accountability. Inclusion. Passion.


Sheryl Maria White

Executive Director

Jennifer Allen


Courtnie Seweje


Vanette Rhodes

Director of Volunteer Services

Lesley Gool

General Counsel

William Penn

Development Manager


Pink Lemons, NFP Charitable Policy

Each donation, whether in-kind or monetary, made to Pink Lemons, NFP, shall be presumed to be intended and shall be exclusively applied in the following manner:


  1. a) The funds shall be utilized solely for charitable purposes as defined by the mission and goals of Pink Lemons, NFP.


  1. b) Any generated net income shall be reasonably reinvested into the organization's charitable activities and distributed at least annually. Accumulation of income beyond immediate needs shall be done in a reasonable amount and for a reasonable period for furtherance of charitable purposes.


  1. c) The funds shall be used only in a manner consistent with maintaining Pink Lemons, NFP's status as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and to ensure deductions for donors in computing any federal income, gift, or estate tax.

Pink Lemons, NFP is committed to maintaining strict privacy on behalf of its donors. All personal information provided to Pink Lemons, NFP will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties unless required by law. Additionally, Pink Lemons, NFP reserves the right to refuse any donation that is not aligned with its mission or may compromise its integrity.

Donors may designate the use of their donations, but Pink Lemons, NFP retains the ultimate discretion and control over the use of all donations. In the event that a donor's designation cannot be fulfilled, Pink Lemons, NFP will make reasonable efforts to use the donation for a purpose as close as possible to the original designation.

Pink Lemons, NFP shall maintain separate accounts for all donated funds to ensure proper tracking and management. Donated funds shall not be commingled with the organization's general operating funds.

Pink Lemons, NFP reserves the right to reject any donation with conditions or restrictions that are inconsistent with its charitable mission or may pose legal or ethical concerns.

Donations to Pink Lemons, NFP shall be considered irrevocable gifts and shall not create any enforceable charitable trusts in favor of the donor or any other party.

It is the policy of Pink Lemons, NFP to waive or reduce fees associated with its charitable services and programs in accordance with each recipient's ability to pay and the organization's ability to subsidize such fees or charges. Program fees, if any, shall be set in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including 35 ILCS 200/15-65(c) of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Pink Lemons, NFP is organized exclusively for charitable, civic, and educational purposes under Illinois law. It is committed to providing its charitable services and programs to its intended beneficiaries without undue obstacles to access.

Each donation, whether in-kind or monetary, made to Pink Lemons, NFP, shall be presumed to be intended and shall be exclusively applied in accordance with our charitable policy, which is grounded in transparency, integrity, and accountability, and includes the following principles:


  1. Purpose: Pink Lemons operates solely for charitable purposes, focusing on empowering young individuals to reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities.


  1. Beneficiaries: Our programs and initiatives are designed to benefit youth from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.


  1. Non-Discrimination: Pink Lemons does not discriminate in any form, including in the provision of our services, selection of participants, or employment practices.


  1. Financial Accountability: We adhere to strict financial management practices, ensuring that all funds received are used solely for charitable purposes and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Transparency: Pink Lemons is committed to transparency in operations and financial reporting. Our financial records are open for inspection by relevant authorities and stakeholders upon request.


  1. Governance: Pink Lemons is governed by a board of directors who oversee the organization's activities, ensuring compliance with our charitable mission and policies.


  1. Compliance: We comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing charitable organizations, including tax laws, reporting requirements, and fundraising regulations.


  1. Impact Assessment: Regular assessment and evaluation of our programs and initiatives are conducted to ensure they effectively meet the needs of the youth we serve and align with our charitable mission.


  1. Collaboration: Pink Lemons actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, individuals, and stakeholders who share our commitment to youth empowerment and leadership development.


  1. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously improving our programs, policies, and practices to better serve the youth and communities we work with.

By adhering to this charitable policy, Pink Lemons reaffirms its dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of young people and contributing to a brighter future for all.