Pink Lemons Gardens!!! July 2022

Pink lemons with the invaluable support and help from the University of Chicago urban health initiatives, health to beautify a garden which will contain a shipping container or youth in need of suitcases can drop  in for a suitcases as well as attend workshops on ...........

Pink Lemons Celebrates Pride June 2022

Pink lemons was invited by the state of Illinois, DCFS to celebrate the LBGTQ community by participating in a huge pride parade in which there were a half 1 million attendees.


Pink Lemons Celebrates Juneteenth! June 2021

Pink lemons was invited by another 95 organization My Block My Hood My City, participate in the community celebration, celebrating the days and Texas song 100 years later ....

Pink Lemons Goes the Springfield!!! August 2022

Pink lemons was invited by the state of Illinois, DCFS to attend the state fair in Springfield Illinois.

The purpose of this two day event was to bring awareness and recruit foster parents that would be inclusive and affirming. 

Pink lemons decorated 75 backpacks with art from foster youth and an artist from the LGBTQ community. The importance of this....

Pink Lemons Partners with Cook County Commissioner Donna Miller on Recycling Day! June 2021

Cook County residence were able to not only bring their old medications, old computers, or received free mulch, they were also able to bring their new or light new suitcases for youth aging out of foster care..